Abstract / A Retrospective

A compliment of colour and composition. Poswa expresses her freedom through a melting pot of gestural brushstrokes, layering and pattern work. Abstract is a symphony of smudges, scratches, splashes and drip glazes.

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Imiso is a contemporary African ceramics art studio, specialising in hand-crafted, collectable, one-of-a-kind pieces created by award-winning ceramicists Andile Dyalvane and Zizipho Poswa.


  • richard kaegi

    dear imiso-team,
    I was in your shop beginning of march, togehter with a lady.
    she fellt in love with a vase, it had some gold aroung the top, and i think some yellow in the colour. unfortunately some small deco parts was falling off, when we looked at it. the lady in the shop said, you could made a new one.
    now, I dont know if my friend had ordered one, after our visit, to be sent to switzerland.
    actually I would liek to make her the one as a gift.
    could you send me a picture to identify the vase and tell me pls, if she hasnt contacted you for the vase, after she returned home?
    thank you richard
    ( i alreday own some vases from imiso.. I still love it!

    June 16, 2023

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