Our gallery showcases an exclusive selection of decorative ceramics, beautifully handcrafted by award-winning, artists and co-founders Andile Dyalvane and Zizipho Poswa. Four different collections created by each artist are on display throughout the year. Andile Dyalvane’s collections are titled Africasso, Scarified, Views from the Studio and iiNdonga collections and Zizipho Poswa’s are titled Hand Pinched, Textured, Abstract and Tribal collections respectively.

Our gallery and in-house studio is located at The Old Biscuit Mill, in the heart of Woodstock surrounded by a community of artist studios, artisanal stalls and a fresh goods market over the weekends, exclusive contemporary handcrafted gifting retailers, as well as luxury designer stores and world-class restaurants to mention but a few. Established in 2005 and operational for fourteen years, we proudly celebrate our welcoming cultures and our local and international patronage.


To achieve our distinct signature collections we use various techniques and processes that include hand pinching, coiling(hand building), thrown wheel work, slip casting, press moulding, up cycling innovative techniques and glazing. Each piece is handmade, with special attention given to every detail before loaded into our electric kilns. Embracing natural imperfections of handiwork merged with practiced skill and exceptional craftsmanship, makes Imiso Ceramics oeuvres exquisite with a rich uniqueness.

We use locally sourced materials and carefully selected glazes. Each ceramic piece is signed by the artist accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Our ideas find inspiration from our heritage, cultures and traditions, together with our intimate interpretations which guide creative exploration.

Sketching forms, colour pallet development and material research are informed by our concepts for each collection line. Our production team works with us in these initial stages to assess the best results for both test phases to final expressions.

Most ceramist’s production highlights can be pinned to the anticipation felt before opening a final firing kiln. The exhilarating unpack, words fall short to describe and we are no exception to this experience of having fully surrendered to the gods of the kiln.

Imiso Ceramics Studio

Imiso Studio, a second private studio and workshop space, a brisk five minute walk from The Old Biscuit Mill, is situated in a crisp, previously industrial precinct in Salt River and on the map of the International Public Arts Festival route. ‘Salt Orchid’ aptly called, hosts artisanal restaurants, cafe’s, bakeries, hot yoga, gym, exclusive confectionary academies and concept stores. Ideal for hosting our workshops in the spacious rustic mezzanine level environment of our second studio which houses a 50cubic electric kiln used for large scale works.