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A Better Tomorrow. Together.

The Ongoing Vision

As an unfolding and ongoing vision of Andile Dyalvane’s and the Imiso Ceramics team, we desire to create an environment that encourages wholeness where Dyalvane attended his formative educational Primary School years in his home village of Ngobozana, Eastern Cape.

Our vision strives to achieve creating spaces of creative, wholesome educational ecosystems that nurture all individuals interacting and encountering the Culture of Ngobozana Primary School, as a start.


Through building partnerships with various entities who align and show interest in our shared vision, we wish to outline the overall greater prospects of creating collaborative programs that form ‘The League of Legacy’, which we view as shared ideals reached by creative minds coming together to collectively participate toward the wellbeing of our current and future generations.

We begin with the founding ethos that Dyalvane & Imiso Ceramics team expresses as sentiments rooted in the very name ‘Imiso’, derived from the isiXhosa word ‘Ngomso’ meaning ‘Tomorrow’.

Assigned to ‘Imiso’ in meaning is our practiced responsibility and duty to create today for the benefit of future generations - for our many tomorrows.

The Story
of Nine Villages

Creative Direction

Art / exploring diverse materialities
Design / learning resourcefulness 
Innovation / exploring functions

Tech Launch

Coding, Robotics, Lego Engineering, Tech Projects — Research & Application

Existing Spaces

Innovative, Sustainable Hygiene Spaces+Practices. Innovative Recycling Furniture Design Collaborations, Colour Tech Mosaic Project, Staff Art Workshops.

Book Centre

Literature, Heritage, Culture, African Folklore & Reading Projects

Play More

x2 Innovative Play Grounds both rubber turfed - One assembled and fixed (Artist Collab Palette). Another changeable by children keen on re-assembling and reimagining play.

Community Programs

(Adult Learning/Skills Development Space) Integrated into all projects, Community Photographic Portraiture Project & Exhibitions.

Good Food Canteen

Schools Garden Projects, Eat Well Community Programs, Good Earth Awareness Programs


Best Practice Land Systems & Use (incl. Rugby Field), Artists Landscape Collaborations.

Artists Collaborations

Expanded Accomodation Space Possibilities, Children’s Theatre. National & International Volunteers, Artists & Architect Collaborators, Community Crafters & Children’s Theatre Projects.

It is our practiced  duty to create, today, for our many tomorrows.

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Past Collaborations

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