Abantwana Bomgquba: An Observation

The nuances of the ‘Kingdom of Abantwana Bomgquba’ can be experienced in us who have stretched in our growth, only through contemplative practices or deeper reflections with a warrior-like intensity. Remembering to pay attention over periods of time, over seasons cycles, to traverse a place before first soul shedding’s or adulterous dismembering.

Creating passages of source remembering ourselves, portals to first emotional embeddings, so that through this reflective muscle memory,
a clay remembering becomes
a collective generational healing memory, toward feeling again.

Mgolobane calls us to gather the wisdom keepers of old in us, close, to mend their bones embedded in clay inkomo with our far sighted ancestors, in present celebrations where light fills our eyes as we clap and play, knowing through rock and stone we have come and as children know so well – we will return to.

Experiencing the sediment layering’s and contours of the land becomes medicine from our ancestors, our generational inheritance.

We look closely at spacially molding a gifted landscape beckoning home, childhood memories and core realizations for fine artist Ludwe Mgolombane’s re-membering of his ‘kingdom of child, for the duration of ‘Abantwana Bomgquba’.

He humbly invites us to sit with him on the boulders, at the rivers edge and within the kraal sphere of his resilient spirits offering.

Abantwana Bomgquba
Ludwe Mgolombane
26.10.23 — 16.12.23
Presented by IMISO.

Crafted during Mgolombane’s year and a half residency at IMISO Studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

Nkuthazo Dyalvane is a multi-disciplinary visual artist, exploring different modalities of expression toward personal, spiritual and social transformation.

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